Monday, September 26, 2011

Not sew much paper, but no sewing either! Design Team Post

For my DT post with Becky's Sweet Creations I wanted to do something a little different, since we could share any fun project we wanted. So this isn't a paper craft, but I'm so proud and so excited to be making little Maddie's wicked witch costume this year that I had to share part of it with all of you!  I got this idea from a Robert's Crafts video, and I LOVE IT!!!  Sooooo easy and I want to make more in all sorts of colors!
Be on the lookout for more of these fun little tu-tu's!  And maybe a picture of my baby model too!

And as for the paper crafting part here is her little witchy hat that she is going to wear:

Happy Crafting!

***PS- I'm thinking about making these tu-tus in various colors and sizes and selling them in the future at craft shows, or through word of mouth, or on here... if I did that do you think there would be any interest and if so how much would be a fair asking price?... Please be completely honest and I really appreciate any comments you may have for me!  Thank you!


Laura (tweetyb) said...

These are SO cute!! I wouldn't have any idea on price girls so I don't know what is the norm for this kind of stuff! But they are super cute!!!
♥ Laura ♥

Sweet Creations said...

I want a tutu to fit me in black and pink ;)So I can dress up..