Monday, April 1, 2013

The Good Things...

As I was looking through the blog posts of people I follow I came across one by Melissa Priest found here that really intreguied me and I decided to play along.  She wrote a post covering the good things in her life right now and challenged her readers to do the same, so I am going to do just that...

1. We had lovely weather for our Easter day... a little cool, but we were so happy to see the sun!  We had a blast spending it with my family on "the farm" and watching my youngest participate in her first "real" Easter egg hunt... although I'm not sure she really cared about the eggs she was finding as she did about simply running around outside with her cousins and brother. : )

2. We also took the kids to their first trip to Chuck E Cheeses this past weekend. Aiden is so hard to get to eat and try new foods so he has a star chart.  For every new food he tries a bite of and swallows he gets a star, if he eats all of the new item he gets two stars.  Once the chart is complete he gets a surprise, and he chose Chuck E Cheeses to be his surprise this time around.  I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience!  The kids were wonderfully behaved, we had great pizza, played lots of games and took home little trinkets.

3.  I have been getting my confidence back slowly in crafting.  It's so hard when you get lots of DT rejections and magazine rejections, but that tough skin is slowly starting to form... at least I can't wait to craft tonight hehehe!

4.  The sun is shining today, yay!

5.  My husband and I are going to a college friends' wedding this next weekend in Cleveland, and I can't wait for an evening alone with him ( even if I do have to share him with some pretty crazy guys )!

I liked adding a new post on here that wasn't completely crafting and I hope you've enjoyed it too!  Thanks so much Melissa for this fun challenge!
Happy Crafting!

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Virginia L. said...

So wonderful to read bout your happenings, Lisa! Your family photo is darling! And I still remember our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese( back then we didn't have any C.C. here in Canada, so we had to go all the way to Michigan!). So much fond memories there! Don't get too disappointed about rejects ( we all have some/lots of those!) and I hope the new SRM Sticker pack win will lift your spirit also! HUGS!