Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Beautiful Libby

 It is with a broken heart that I write my blog post today... I very rarely share personal things on my blog because it just isn't something I am comfortable with.  But I could not think of a more personal way to express myself than through the written language.  This past Sunday my beautiful and sweet Liberty unexpectedly passed away.  We had no warning, as she died from a heart fissure that burst and caused internal bleeding in such a quick amount of time with no way to stop it or to have known it was coming.  What we thought was heavy breathing and maybe eating something bad turned into one horrible phone call after another... only to have lost her within 5 minutes of being in the Emergency center.   And I was racked with emotions of loss and hurt instantly having not been with her during her final moments.

Libby was more than a dog, she was my first baby.  She was everyone's baby.  She was the most sweetest, kindest, obedient dog I have ever known and I love her for that.  Brian and I had adopted her before we were married from the animal shelter... the moment I saw her big pound puppy eyes and her sweet face I knew she was our dog.  She was very timid, had recently had surgery on her back leg, which caused a life long limp, and ear from some unknown severe injury, but she looked perfect to me.  When we took her back to the room to have our first one on one time with her she sat close to the door in the corner, wagging her tail at each dog walking by and then grabbing a toy to squeak.  It was obvious that she had been beaten although she was still a young puppy, by her timid nature with people. The minute she realized no harm was to come she was all over with kisses and wanting to be right there with whomever showed her some attention.  She was a bit floppy at first as I remember her running through my in-laws yard with their yellow lab Maggie, and although still recovering from her leg injury she could run faster than one would ever guess. (She surpassed many dogs when it came to running) 

Once Brian and I were married and living together she was my baby... she had matching sparkly collar and leash, a winter coat, a Halloween costume, and painted nails (how many dogs will lay there while you paint them?!).  She had a bed, but most nights I would call her up to lay in the middle of Brian and I.  She also loved playing frisbee and had a "baby", her favorite being the long Mr.Weenie dog toys that she would never destroy like all of the other toys she was given.  Everyone who met her always finished by telling us what a good dog we had, so beautiful and kind and gentle.  I always beamed with pride. (Let's face it I still have the petpride magnet that came in her food bag onetime on my refrigerator!)

She could give the best hugs!  She couldn't put her arms around me, but she would sit up and lean in resting her head on your shoulder.  If I was ever sad she was one of the first ones I went to for comfort.  And even though I am not a child and wasn't one when we got her I still shared many a secret with her.  I may have even used her to listen to my rants about certain things.  She was always there for me.

As years went by and we had our first child, Libby's role took a bit of a back seat.  She was no longer an "only child" and she didn't get the once undivided attention she had been use to, but did she complain?  Not one bit, if anything she only showed us her love more by loving our new family member and being protective of all of us.  She allowed the children to do anything, without making a sound or running away.  I loved her every minute for that.  She was my vacuum at times by sitting permanently under the highchair and as the children got older right by the kids table.  I loved her for that. (She may have gotten the occasional go lay down remark thrown to her, but I still loved her for it.)  She was our protector, letting us know if anyone was at the door and that includes me or Brian, and while we may have shushed her I loved her for that.  When I was home with the kids so many band gig nights for my husband or out of town trips, she was my cuddle and my security and I loved her for that.  When I spent late evenings crafting in my dinning room, she was my foot blanket and I loved her for that.  She was my shadow most times, and while I didn't always thank her for that, I loved her for that. 

I could go on and on with wonderful memories, stories, and moments that she has given me, but I want to end with a note to my dear, sweet Libby... Thank you for all that you gave me and my family.  Thank you for all of the love you gave me to the last minute of your life.  I can never show my gratitude enough for what you blessed us with, and I only hope you felt it in each loving pet, cuddle and hug I shared with you.  Thank you for loving my children and for keeping us safe for so many years.  While you were taken, quickly and unexpectedly I truly believe you showed your love to the end by not letting us see you pass, and to only have the sweet pound puppy eyes in our memory forever.  I will forever miss you my sweet shadow, and as I have said every night for so many years before climbing into our bed next to yours, Goodnight my sweet puppy angel... for now you truly are an angel.



Eva Razboršek said...

They are always with us in our hearts - forever

jessica said...

What a gorgeous tribute to such a sweet pup! You can tell the love you shared for her is beautiful and one of a kind. Thanks for sharing and I am so very sorry for your loss!
Hugs my friend!

jkbrochad said...

The saying about love applies to dogs too - it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

Chan said...

Oh, Lisa...I am so, so sorry about what happened to sweet Libby. It is truly heartbreaking, and I'm so sorry that she went through that...that all of you went through that. I wish I could have met Libby and given her a giant hug [and another giant hug, and another, and another...]. I hope the happy memories of her bring you lots of comfort. Lots of hugs, Lisa.