Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Unique Blog Hop - It's My Turn

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Hello!  Welcome to post #2 for today, whew! *And I'm a day late! SO SORRY!!!  Wanted to have this up yesterday, but it just didn't happen.  I am sure you all know what is coming in this post, as the Unique Blog Hop has been traveling around for quite some time and I was honored to be asked to play along by my super talented friend Chrissy Tobas from Harvest Moon Papiere!  Have you seen her gorgeous work?  If not you'll want to click on her name and check it out, because she is awesome!!!  And this hop is all about supporting our fellow crafters and finding new inspiration, so what do you have to lose? 

Now onto the question part of this hop...

1. What projects are you currently working on?
 Oh boy I feel like I'm always working on something, usually for Design Team projects... which I have quite a few of those on my desk right now, so I can't show any peeks, but you will get to see them soon!  I am also hoping to get to play in a few challenges and Design Team Calls, as well as some Baby Shower cards for a few family members as we have a shower to attend this weekend, whew!  Yikes, maybe I should get cracking hehehehe!
2. What inspires your designs?

Other blogs are where I get most of my inspiration, and something I LOVE about our wonderful crafting community is that there is so much talent out there and so many willing to share their techniques and ideas that you can't stop being inspired if you tried!  I also love to read magazine's like Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking and Card Maker to name a few.  Finally, I turn to Pintrest for color combo ideas and pattern inspiration.  Here is my current inspiration board:

2. If you had to define your design style, what would it be?

I tend to create with a clean and simple design in both card making and layouts, but I have a problem with labeling myself because I don't want to find myself stuck.  For a while I was struggling with this, because I started to feel like I needed to only make CAS designed projects and it was limiting my creativity.  I believe it is important to stay true to your style, but sometimes I like to play with different styles and I don't think that's me not being me... it's me learning, and trying new things.  I also LOVE looking at various design styles and I LOVE looking at those who are really good at creating vintage and shabby chic projects, I just find that they aren't something I'm the best at creating and they just don't feel like me.   ( Could I say the word me anymore?! hehehe! )

3. What does your craft area look like?

Oh yikes... ok well it isn't as bad as it normally is, hehehe!  It is only half scattered as we recently had my son's 6th Birthday Party I had to clean and make everything disappear ( did I mention I'm a magician? ).  I craft in my dinning room, but let's face it we have never dined in this room and I have two shelves full of goodies so it's really my crafting room.
4. How does your writing/creative process work?

It depends on my mood I guess, and what I need to get done.  I tend to scope around the blogs I am following and see what things are trending, and it also depends on if I have specific products I have to use for Design Team work.  I usually start by looking at my products and seeing what can go together that I already have in my stash, I also like to see if there are any challenges to help get my mojo going.  I then sit down and get busy.  After my project is done is when I finally sit down to type it all up.
5. What three crafty products can you not live without?
My Cutter bee scissors, I have a crafting crush on them as I use them for soooo much!  Next comes my Scotch ATG... when I first saw these things I was like "whoa, overkill!", but when I got one in my hands it was love at first touch!  It lasts forever and I can get the refills for a great deal from other crafty friends.  Last I would go with Patterned Papers... some papers make me drool and just sit in my bin because they are too pretty to slice up... don't worry I'm getting better with this as I've finally come to realize that no one gets to appreciate those pretty sheets if I don't actually use them, doh!

Well I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me today, and if you've made it this far... THANK YOU!!!!  Now I have the honor of passing this on to someone that I love stopping by and visiting myself...

Vanessa from V's Sweet Ideas - love this girl!  She is so beautiful inside and out!  She also has the cutest little store carrying or OWN STAMPS!!!  She recently celebrated her second release and you are going to want to check them out here!


ellen s. said...

I love that gold, embossed edge! Very cool to read about you.

Denise said...

What a lovely way to get to know you better! I find it so interesting to read up on what inspire other crafters and their way of thinking and putting a project together! Just love it!

jessica said...

I LOVE this post...always fun to see who is behind the computer and craft table and what inspires them :)
And again your projects are AWESOME!!

Jennifer Grace said...

It's fun to read more about you, I love the colourful projects you've shown here, especially the bubbles page. I craft in my dining room too, but we do it in there... sometimes, when I manage to clean it up!! x