Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Quick Little Jewelry Blog...

I was so excited and happy with the way this necklace turned out that I made for my mom that I had to share it on here too!

In person the shine on these beads are wonderful!  The bottom 5 blue beads were my Grandma's and my mom wanted them incorporated into a necklace, so I had 4 other blue swaroski crystals that I had used in a previous necklace and put those along the sides, and used the rest of the white swaroski crystals that I had throughout the rest of the necklace.  This is really a peice to be seen in person, but I wanted to share with you too!  Thanks for stopping by, and please come back from tom. Day 4 in my scrap card week!
Happy Crafting,

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eeb said...

I love my necklace. Love ya, Mom