Thursday, February 26, 2015

DCWV Mini Book Reveal

Woo hoo!!! Have you seen the new mini book reveal by DCWV?  If not you have to click over and watch these videos, they are so much fun and really make putting a mini together easy as pie!  I have always loved the idea of a mini and how cute they are, but I've never found the time to really put one together.  With these new minis from DCWV everything I needed came in one package, and I had a book put together in one night! LOVE!  Anywho, I'm sharing my mini today on the DCWV Blog and I would love if you had a moment to stop by and check it out!  Here is a little peek... ( There are tons of silly pictures of me and my husband, so even if you just need a laugh I highly recommend you stopping by! hehehe! )

And the products I used:

View blog post for supplies

Happy Crafting!


jessica said...

How fun Lisa!!!!!
Love it and great pic!!!

Leslie Germain said...

Fab pic!! Stopping by to see the rest!!

Tenia Nelson said...

So cool!!

*Vicki* said...

AWE!! This is really sweet!! I love making these! I made one for my hubby last year for our 15th anniversary and he loved it. (I don't share those on my blog...too shy I guess!) :)
Thanks for sharing!!