Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Makeover Craft Room Style

So I had mentioned sometime last week that we were doing lots of renovating on the lower level of our house.  It was a ton of work, and for a little while I felt like I was going bonkers living in a totally nonfunctioning mess, but it was so worth it!  I finally feel at peace and happy so I wanted to share a few photos of Before and After, hope you don't mind!

This is where I use to work before... It was my dining/crafting room hehehe!

And here is where I get to work now...

I LOVE IT!  I know I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful husband who not only understands my crafting, but actually cares about it.  A lot of the changes came from his suggesting, and his wanting them for me.  We worked our butts off that's for sure, but I sure do love the outcome and I feel like one lucky lady.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you liked a little peek into my world!
Happy Crafting!

PS- I died laughing when I ripped up the carpeting in here and all of the glitter that came out, bwahahaha!


PJ said...

WoW.. that is a super great crafting space. Very nice. I'm sure it will provide many hours of creative fun.

V's Sweet Ideas said...

Wow Lisa!! The new craft space is amazing!!! I love it!!!! �������� the floors look gorgeous too. I need to definitely do a craft room makeover too

jessica said...

WOW Lisa! Your new space is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Teresa Russell said...

Love your space Lisa! It is gorgeous! Hope you have lots of fun crafting in there!

Shelly said...

Oooh, love it!! Enjoy your new space! :)
Happy Crafting!!

MadeByKarla said...

That's a wonderful change!!! It must have been fun too :)

Jessica Frost-Ballas said...

Very pretty!! Enjoy your crafty space!