Friday, December 2, 2016

DCWV Light Up Terrariums!!! Say WHAT?!

Ahhh!!!  Evertime I get a new stack from DCWV I think, this stack is so awesome, I love it, it's my favorite!  And I'll be darned if they didn't do it again!  Hi, it's Lisa here with you from the DCWV Social Media Design Team and today I am sharing my newest Holiday Home Decor created with the new Light Up Terrarium Stack, seriously it is too cool take a peek...

Aren't they gorgeous?!  And you would not believe how easy they go together.  These were done in about 30 minutes!  SCORE!  Here is a picture of what one of the smaller terrariums look like when popped out of it's page...

Everything is perforated for you when you first open the stack, so all you have to do is punch each terrarium out.  The scoring is also already done, so all that comes next is folding.  Finally with a few strips of strong double sided tape ( I would recommend the 1/8" size because of how small the fold lines are ) your terrarium is put together and ready to light up.  Another tip I'd like to share is that this stack comes with two light sets, I stretched my second set out to fill two of the smaller terrariums and let the cord go behind my larger one.  You could use both sets in the larger terrarium and instead use small fake tea lights in the other terrariums, or mix and match however you like it!  Also note that you will want to run the batter pack out one of the bottom corners, so make sure you slide your lights in leaving one side open until you have the batter pack outside of your terrarium then you can seal that side up too.

And there you have it, a wow factor to your Holiday Home Decor, bragging rights to tell everyone that you made them yourself, and still plenty of time in the day to freak out about other Holiday happenings hehehe!

Happy Crafting!

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barbara macaskill said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just ordered this stack the other day and am ANXIOUSLY awaiting it's arrival!! This just has me more excited to receive it!!! I love that they included 2 sets of lights too! Thanks for the tips!!